Fatal Fascinations – Cultural manifestations of crime and violence

Fatal Fascinations - Cultural manifestations of crime and violence

Fatal Fascinations – Cultural manifestations of crime and violence

What is crime? What constitutes violence? What is it permissible to talk about or describe in cultural depictions of crime and violence? What is the impact of portraying crime and violence on an audience? How are crime and violence presented to make them culturally acceptable for educational or entertainment purposes?

This book examines representations of violence and crime both historically and in relation to contemporary culture across a wide range of media, including fiction, film, art, biography, and journalism, to interrogate the issues raised.

While some articles here analyze the ethics invoked by different representative frameworks, the danger that violence will be treated as spectacle, and the implications of using violence as a polemical device to shift public sentiment, others address the relationship between coercive power, crime and violence that is not necessarily primarily physical, and the political or ideological contexts in which narratives of good and evil are constructed and crime defined.

Suzanne Bray is Professor of British Literature and Civilisation at Lille Catholic University in the north of France. She specialises in the study of literature and theology, and in the history of religious ideas in Britain in the 20th century. She has published extensively in English and French on C.S. Lewis, Dorothy L. Sayers and Charles Williams, among others. Her most recent publication is An Ecclesiastical Abdication Crisis: Or the Mysterious Disappearance of the Revd. Dr. James Welch (2013).

Gérald Préher is Assistant Professor in American Literature at Lille Catholic University. He defended a doctoral dissertation entitled “The Timelessness of the Past in Southern Literature as Presented in Works by Walker Percy, Peter Taylor, Shirley Ann Grau and Reynolds Price” and has written several essays on southern literature. He also co-edited books on southern short stories and on writers such as Ernest Gaines, Richard Ford and John Steinbeck. He is currently working on Elizabeth Spencer, Joan Williams and Lisa Alther, and is editing a volume on William Faulkner’s literary legacy.

Bray Suzanne (Ed.), Préher Gérald (Ed.). Fatal Fascinations : Cultural Manifestations of Crime and Violence. Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. 215p. ISBN : 978-1-4438-5134-3