• Hi Camilla, could you please introduce yourself ?

I am Camilla Mazzitti, I am an Italian and I come from a city called l’Aquila. I decided to do a double Bachelor’s degree with the Tor Vergata University in Rome and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Lille. I arrived in Lille in September 2018 to study Foreign Languages and Civilisations in English for my third year of studies.

  • Why did you choose a double degree with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ?

I spoke with my teachers in Rome, I looked up information on the Internet and I liked the idea that all my credits could be accepted thanks to the double degree. Besides, I already fell in love with Lille when I looked for it online.

  • What are the main differences between your university in Rome and this Faculty ?

I studied in a public university in Italy so the majority of my lessons were in amphitheaters with approximately 200 students, so the interaction with the teachers was not the same. Here in Lille, it is very important for me to be able to speak with my teachers and I like that they know who I am, so I am not just a random student.

  • According to you, what are the strengths of this Faculty ?

When I arrived here, I was a bit scared to be honest because I had homework to do, I never had it in Italy, it was only exams. But in the end, I like that there are not only final exams, it is a bit like being in a high-school.

  • To sum up, what do you think overall of the Faculty ?

I love the system of the university, and the students are really nice to me, the atmosphere is great I feel good here. To be honest, I even think about staying here to do my Master’s degree, I am  particularly interested in one of the Trilingual International Business degrees.

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