Muhammed, American student : His new adventure at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

In January Muhammad arrived from the United States, from Pennsylvania, to study for one semester at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. He told us a bit about himself.

He is a 20 years-old student of Political Science and International Business, which are his majors.

For his bachelor’s degree, he had to choose between different foreign languages, so he decided to go for French. Thus, coming to France was easier since he already knew the basics.

Until now, he likes taking lessons at the FLSH, even if the difference with his American university is sometimes complicated. Indeed, he takes more classes here (about 10) than in Pennsylvania where he only had 6 lessons a week (which was already a lot). He is taking several French classes, and political science classes about the European Union and American politics.

Like the other American students (click here to read about them), Muhammad was surprised by the length of the classes here in France, since they may last from 2 to 4 hours, which is not usual in America.

To sum up, this experience enables him to improve his French, and to be more confident when he speaks, but it is also a personal experience. He loves the city of Lille, which is very lively and where he meets a lot of students. Unlike the city where he studies in the USA, there is always something going on here!

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