Lucia, student at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities : her adventure at Liverpool Hope University !

Lucia Basset is part of the first group to study for the post-graduate double degree in International Marketing with Liverpool Hope University. After her bachelor’s degree in Media, Culture and Communication at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, she chose this course to gain new skills to complete her education. Indeed, the field of marketing is complementary to her previous communications background. Besides, after living abroad several times, she liked the idea of doing it again.

After a first semester at the FLSH in Lille from September to December 2018, Lucia is in Liverpool at the moment for the second semester (from January to March) before starting a 5-month internship. Then, she will go back to England for the third semester before doing the last semester in Lille from January to March 2020. Finally, she will end up with a 6-month internship to obtain her degree.

The classes in Liverpool carry on from the ones that Lucia took during the first semester in Lille, even if the way of learning can be a bit different. In fact, as Pauline -other student on exchange in the UK- told us previously (interview coming soon), in England students spend fewer hours per week in class, but there is more personal work to do at home with a lot of research.

Lucia lives in student accommodation, so it has been easier for her to get into the English way of life, especially thanks to meeting students from all over the world. The city itself is also very lovely, there are a lot of events, and despite some what some people think, it is not always raining. Since the city is located on the coast, the weather changes quickly. She is also taking this opportunity to travel around the United Kingdom to discover the English culture.

This double degree allows her to graduate with a degree in France but also in England, which is a real asset if she wants to work abroad. She can also improve her English by acquiring professional vocabulary, especially in the area of marketing.

After her degree, Lucia would like to work as a product manager in the fashion industry abroad. This Master’s degree will represent a real bonus for her, especially for her future career.

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