PAULINE, student at the faculty of arts and humanities : her adventure at Queen Mary University of London !

Pauline is a third-year bachelor’s student in Media, Culture and Communication at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. She decided to go to London for a 3-month exchange semester from September 2018 to December 2018.

She chose the English capital since she wanted to go abroad while staying in Europe in an English-speaking country. She was drawn to the capital of England as well as to Queen Mary’s, University of London, where she studied. She heard about the reputation of the university which helped her to choose it. Despite the very small number of students accepted there, Pauline was lucky enough to have her dream come true.

Unfortunately, she was not able to take classes in communication, but rather in literature and linguistics. So, she hadclasses such as « Experiments in Contemporary Women’s Writing », « To Be Continued : Adaptation of Global Literary Classics », « Beyond Language : Multimodality in Theory and Practice » and « Paris in Art ».

One of the major differences between the education system in France and in England was the means of assessment. In London, she only had essays to write about specific subjects, there midterm tests as there are in France. Therefore, it was really important for her to prepare every single lesson before going to the class to make sure she would be able to follow with no difficulty. The last difference was the number of classes at uni. At Queen Mary’s, she had about 12 hours of class a week, but a lot of personal work to do at home, such as reading articles.

One of the most significant moments for Pauline was her arrival in the capital. She did not have any accommodation by the time she arrived, so she stayed two nights in a room that she rented. Once there, she visited different rooms and finally got one. After all, it was stressful since she was not sure of finding anything at all.

To Pauline, this experience abroad allowed her to become more independent than she was before and to be more open-minded. She met a lot of people and she improved her English level which is an asset now

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