Yaël Pignol, his project at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Yaël Pignol, 19 years old, is a third year Bachelor’s student of Métiers de la Culture et des Arts (MCA) at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities (FLSH). After a linguistic baccalauréat with a theatre option, he decided to pursue his studies with a bachelor’s degree where he could broaden his knowledge in the creative sector.

During the second year of his diploma, Yäel and his classmates learned about  documentary cinema. They learned about the history of this art and they studied the different points of view of directors of the 20th century. The second semester, they put into practice what they learned in a lesson called « documentary writing ».  The director of movies, Isabelle Bonnet-Murray, helped them through the redaction of a pitch in order to find funding, as the professionals do. Students then continued with and developed the project this year.  For Yaël, this kind of project is an example of what he most appreciates about his studies, always learning the theory  before putting it into practice.

Yäel had the chance to do his first internship at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Tourcoing – MUBa Eugène Leroy. He was a public service assistant. His job was to help school parties or  disabled visitors coming to the museum. This internship was a revelation for him : the museum was a structure at a human scale which allowed him to be constantly involved He was able to experience different parts of the job as well as learn about the operations of a public museum. During these 8 weeks, a real friendship was formed between Yaël and his team.

According to Yaël, it is important to speak about something we are enthusiastic about, and know about, when we plan to direct a documentary movie. Indeed, it is natural, then, that he chose to speak about the MUBa for his project. He wanted to share an interview with Tristan, to spread  his opinion and his important message.

For his short-film, Yaël borrowed cameras, camera stands and microphones from the MediaLab (multimedia center of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities). It was an opportunity  for him to  use this equipment.

His friends, Léa Robert and Elise Callewaert helped him to shoot the film. For the colored pictures, he discovered an illustrator on YouTube called Alexane Maillard who agreed to help. For the editing part, Yaël used software he already knew : Final Cut Pro X.

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