Cultural Management

2-year Master’s Degree in Cultural Management (Cinema and Contemporary Music)

Programme director: Dr Erika Thomas,


Research supervisors: Dr Erika Thomas (cinema, contemporary art, anthropology of the media), Dr Zineb Majdouli (methodology, contemporary music), Dr Aliocha Wald-Lasowski (aesthetics)


Academic Calendar: Fall semester from mid-September to Christmas, Spring semester from mid-January to mid-May

470 teaching hours in the first year and 412 in the second year

A research project must be written at the end of each year.


Language of instruction: French


Working as a manager in the cultural sector requires a detailed knowledge of theory and also concrete practical skills. This Masters in Cultural Management specialises in two particular areas, film studies and contemporary music, including them in much wider programme of cultural knowledge and understanding of the arts today in general. Classes and seminars will be led both by faculty members and by competent professionals who have specialised in these areas.  They will help students to think about culture in a interdisciplinary manner. This course increases students’ grasp of all aspects of performance arts in both theory and practice from several points of view (historical, aesthetic, anthropological legal and economic) making them highly competetive on the job market for all forms of employment in the area of cultural management.


Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree either in the arts or humanities and be very interested in all kinds of cultural activities. Non-native speakers of French must prove they have attained the level B2 on the European scale.


What Next ?

Most graduates work in the cultural sector managing cultural projects, theatres, concert halls etc. or working for the culture department of local authorities. In France, it is possible to take the competitive examinations for the civil service.


Study Abroad

It is possible to spend one or two semesters in one of our partner universities (about 20 possible destinations).


Internships and Work Experience

Students will do an internship each year. This should be at least 3 months long in the first year and 5 months long in the second year.


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