Digital Writing and Publishing

2-year Master’s Degree in Digital Writing and Publishing

Collaboration with the University of Valenciennes (Université Polytéchnique des Hauts de France) and Laval University (Canada)

Programme director: Dr Aliocha Wald-Lasowski ( )


Research supervisors: Dr Aliocha Wald-Lasowski (Literature and Philosophy), Dr Lucas Thenard (Geography), Dr Jérome Roudier (Philosophy and Literature), Dr Loic Laroche (History and Journalisme)


Academic Calendar: Fall semester from mid-September to Christmas, spring semester from mid-January to mid-May

600 teaching hours in the first year, 300 in the second year


Languages of instruction: French


This Master’s degree in Digital Writing and Publishing gives students two kinds of skills, the technical ability to publish and edit on line and help in producing texts worthy of publication. Students will learn how to produce, understand and analyse the cultural issues at stake in digital media and publishing. Their work is situated where technology, literature and communication intersect.

Students will be able to understand the online world and the IT and communication skills needed to work with it. They will be increasingly able to analyse, edit and criticise online texts. They will learn how to manage online journals and media, aware of all the legal, marketing and communicational issues at stake. They will become knowledgeable about online media and publishing and know the main players in this area.


Entry Requirements

Open to students with a Bachelors’ degree in the following areas who can speak and write good French: English, French, other Modern Languages, Philosophy, History, Culture and Communication, Media Studies. Non-native speakers of French are also required to prove they have attained the level B2 in French.


What Next ?

Graduates will work in online publishing or as press agents, web editors, community and social media managers, media librarians or organisers of media events.


Study Abroad

It is possible to spend one or two semesters in one of our partner universities (about 25 possible destinations).


Internships and Work Experience

Students will do a mandatory six-month-long internship in the second year.

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