French studies

3-year Bachelor’s Degree in French Studies (speciality: literature and digital publishing)

Programme director: Dr Aliocha Wald-Lasowski,

Staff: Dr Aliocha Wald-Lasowski (Philosophy, Aesthetics), Dr Eleni Valma (Linguistics)


Academic Calendar: Fall semester from early September to Christmas, spring semester from early January to mid-May. 500 teaching hours per year.


Language of instruction: French


This degree course combines the study of literature, languages, the humanities and an introduction to the world of work in various sectors: teaching, publishing, the media and cultural management.

This course includes essential classes which enable the student to gain extensive literary knowledge in the context of interdisciplinary training. The main area covered is literature, but students also prepare for the world of work and gradually build up a specific professional career plan. Students are particularly introduced to publishing, both traditional and online, and helped to understand the different literary careers.


Entry Requirements

In order to register for this course, the applicant must have either the French baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma (American high school graduation certificate, British A’levels, including French etc.) Non-native French speakers should have attained the level C1 on the European scale in French.


What will I study ?

French Literature, European Literature, Linguistics, Analytical Grammar, Old French, Medieval Literature, Blog Writing, Digital Literature, Journalism, Publishing techniques etc.


What Next ?

Graduate study is possible in various areas:

– Teaching and/or research

– Journalism, cultural management and the media

– Every form of publishing in French


Study Abroad

It is possible to spend one or two of the six semesters in one of our partner universities abroad (about 20 possible destinations).


Internships and work experience

Students may, but are not obliged to, do internships in the areas of teaching, translation, journalism or publishing.


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