International Marketing and Negotiation

2-year Masters Degree in International Marketing and Negotiation

Programme director: Dr Natalia Guilluy-Sulikashvili


Research supervisors: Dr Natalia Guilluy-Sulikashvili (Slavic civilisations, contemporary Russia, the Russian economy), Dr Fernando Monroy (history and civilisation of Latin America, the South American economy)


Academic Calendar: Fall semester from mid-September to Christmas, Spring semester from mid-January to mid-May (first year) or mid-January to mid-March (second year)

500 teaching hours per year


Languages of instruction: English and French


This course teaches several valuable skills for those who wish to participate in a company’s international development, from creating and exporting products to undertaking business negotiations with foreign partners and authorities, particularly where these concern marketing. The course is intended for students who already have a good command of two modern languages in addition to their native language and a good knowledge of the world of international business. Teaching includes analysis of several case studies.

Graduates will be able to conduct an international market survey, launch a product onto the world market, elaborate a strategy of internationalisation for a company, use a wide range of sales techniques, take responsibility for international purchasing, avoid common traps in international business negotiations, undertake an import/export diagnosis and evaluate risks.


Entry Requirements

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in modern languages, business or economics or a 3-year diploma from a business school.

Students whose native language is not English must prove they have an English level of B2 on the European scale. Students whose native language is not French must prove they have an French level of B2 on the European scale.


What Next ?

Graduates may apply for jobs in international marketing, retail, product management, customer services, international negotiation or purchasing, imports and/or exports, international sales or web marketing.


Study Abroad

It is possible to spend one or both semesters of the first year in one of our partner universities.


Possibility of a double degree with Liverpool Hope University

This is a unique educational opportunity. This option enables students to gain, in additional to two degrees, several particularly useful skills for those who want to work in international marketing. Students spend two full semesters in Liverpool.

Non-native speakers of English require proof of the level C1 in English.


Internships and Work Experience

Students will do an internship each year. In the first year, this should last between 3 and 5 months, in the second year, between 4 and 6 months.


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