Media, Culture and Communication

3-year Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Culture and Communication

Médias, culture et communication

Programme director: Dr Zineb Serghini /

Staff: Dr Zineb Serghini (communication), Dr Zineb Majdouli (anthropology), Dr Jérôme Roudier (history, literature), Dr Aliocha Wald-Lasowski (philosophy, aesthetics), Dr Tiphaine Zetlaoui (media communication), Dr Lydie Lenne (communication).


Academic Calendar: Fall semester from early September to Christmas, spring semester from early January to mid-May. 500 teaching hours per year.


Language of Instruction: French


This degree course combines theoretical, academic classes with a more practical and professional approach with the aim of preparing students for careers in the media, communication and cultural management. Students are helped to understand how these different areas function and the impact of societal changes on professional life and practice.


Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a high school graduation diploma, French baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma. Non-native speakers of French must prove they have attained level B2 on the European scale.


What will I study?

Communication Theory, Intercultural Communication, Current Affairs, History of the Media, Photography, Popular Culture, Cultural Management, Desktop Publishing etc.


 What Next ?

  • It is possible in the third year for up to 20 of the best students to prepare the entrance examination for the best post-graduate schools in the areas of journalism and film studies.
  • Graduates from this course usually go on to work or post-graduate study in journalism, the media, communication, cultural management or marketing.


Study Abroad

It is possible to spend one or two of the six semesters in one of our partner universities (about 30 possible destinations).


Internships and work experience

Students must do a short internship of at least fifteen days during each year of study to gain experience of professional practice in the media, communication or cultural management.

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