Occupational Psychology – speciality: health in the workplace

2-year Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology – speciality: Health in the Workplace 

Programme director : Dr Anthony Piermattéo ( anthony.piermattéo@univ-catholille.fr )


Research supervisors: Dr Henry Cléty (Psychology of Work), Dr Catherine Demarey (Psychology of Work, Ergonomy), Dr Anthony Piermattéo (Social Psychology), Dr Sandrine Schoenenberger (Psychology of Work, Ergonomy, Social Psychology).


Academic Calendar: 1st semester : from mid-September to mid-December, 2nd semester : In the first year, students do an internship in January followed by classes from February to May. In the second, classes are from January to Mid-March followed by an internship which may extend until the beginning of September.

Teaching Hours: 550 per year.


Language of Instruction: French


Students therefore learn to develop a critical analytical and ethical approach to life in the workplace. Instructors include both qualified academics in the area of the psychology of work and professional psychologists working in the area.


Entry Requirements

Students must have a French bachelor’s degree in Psychology or an equivalent foreign qualification. Up to 25 applicants will be selected after interview and examination of their academic record. Non-native speakers of French should provide proof of level B2 in French on the European scale.


What next ?

Graduates work in Human Resource Management, medical services specialising in health in the workplace, counselling services, recruitment agencies or careers centres.


Internships and Work Experience

Students must complete two internships: 50 hours of work during the first year during the month of January and at least 500 hours during the second year from mid-March onwards.


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