Language and intercultural centre – CLARIFE

CLARIFE is the Language and Intercultural center of Universite Catholique de Lille which is open to all: students, employees, and private individuals alike.  Our center specializes in language learning with courses in French as a foreign language, evening classes to learn 15 different languages as well as intensive courses dedicated to preparing for English certification exams.  In addition, CLARIFE offers courses and experiential learning workshops in intercultural communication skills in English, French or Spanish.


Courses at CLARIFE are open to all.  We have students who study at schools in the region looking to add additional languages or intercultural competencies to their skillset.  We also have professionals from various fields who attend to brush up their skills.  We welcome any interested person regardless of background.

CLARIFE collaborates with foreign universities who send their students for language stays, as well as regional associations looking for tailor-made language and intercultural programs.  We also work with companies to provide intercultural and language training, and can arrange to give lessons in-house or on our campus.

French as Foreign Language (FLE)

At CLARIFE, we are specialised in teaching French as a Foreign Language. The goals of the classes are the facilitation of integration into university life, adapting to French culture and the perfection and enrichment of linguistic resources.

The classes are offered as intensive or non-intensive courses. Once the course is completed, a certificate of completion is issued.  Students can choose to certify their level of French with the BRIGHT language test or the Voltaire Certification.

Every priority is given to making sure the participants feel welcome and fully immersed in the language classes. CLARIFE also offers and organises short language trips, guided cultural visits.  Furthermore, in cooperation with the International Office, residential and homestay programs are available.

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Intercultural communication

In the globalized world of today, being able to effectively communicate with people from different cultures (national, regional or organizational) is an essential skill.  For this reason, CLARIFE offers courses and workshops, in English or French, to improve your ability to communicate across cultures.  Our intercultural communication training will increase your ability to recognize the effect that culture has on values, beliefs, thoughts, and actions to improve your effectiveness when interacting with people from other cultures.

Learning opportunities: 

  • ESP offered during the summer as part of a European program
  • Customized courses
  • Interactive workshops—which explore various aspects of intercultural communications.
  • Standard university courses that explore the theoretical underpinnings of intercultural intelligence

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Other foreign languages

Evening classes lasting 33 hours are also offered, from beginner to advanced, in the following languages: Arabic, BCMS (Bosnian – Croatian – Montenegrin – Serbian), Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Korean, Sign Language, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish.

Intensive courses dedicated to preparing for official English exams are regularly planned in school holidays.

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Clarife is an approved Exams Centre for Cambridge Assessment English, allowing language students to validate their level of English (all levels of the Common European Framework for Languages, or CEFL), that is recognised by several government bodies and institutions in France and abroad.

Clarife also offers the Linguaskill Test, which allows a candidate to validate his or her level on the CEFL with an official test in English only.

Several other languages can also be assessed with the Bright test (Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Russian).


Certification Cambridge


Certification voltaire

Costs & Registration

Applications in Clarife Courses are online.

Costs depends on type of courses and of your situation : students, private individuals, employees…

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Teaching staff

The multicultural teaching staff, composed mostly of native teachers with university degrees, possess significant experience in teaching a wide variety of students from different backgrounds. The teachers employ a wide variety of innovative teaching practices

Equipment and services

Students and their teachers have a wide variety of pedagogic resources at their disposal, such as the MediaLab, wiki-radio, tablet PCs (free wifi) and classrooms equipped with video projectors.

On campus, students have access to the university library, health services, sports centre, university chaplaincy and university restaurants.

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