Master's degreeClinical psychology

Degree with rectoral jury

Become a clinical psychologist 

label diplôme national de master contrôlé par l'état


This master’s degree qualifies the graduate as a registered psychologist and enables him or her to work as a psychologist in France, either in a hospital, a clinic or in private practice. The clinical specialisation for this course is in psychological problems related to the patient’s health (mental or physical) and to specific social problems (family, marriage, education etc.).

Language of instruction: French

Academic calendar:

1st semester: from mid-September to mid-December, 2nd semester: from the beginning of January to  mid-May.

Teaching hours: 

300 hours in the first year, 272 in the second year (+ 39 hours of supervision for the research project).


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Long-term internships

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Individual follow-up


  • Structural approach to adult pathologies
  •  Food and addictive pathologies
  •  Disabled person clinic
  •  Contemporary adolescent psychopathology
  •  Psychopathology of early relationships
  •  Psychopathology of the elderly
  •  Psychopathology of the dependent subject
  •  Infant-juvenile clinic
  •  Psychoanalytic approach to transgenerational phenomena

Study Abroad

It is possible to spend one or both semesters of the first year in one of our partner universities.


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months internship

Internships and Work Experience

Students must complete two internships: 240 hours of work during the first year and at least 500 hours during the second year from mid-March onwards. These internships, together with the one completed during the final year of undergraduate studies are required for any person wishing to be allowed to practise as a psychologist in France.

Entry Requirement

For the first year: Students must have a French bachelor’s degree in Psychology or an equivalent foreign qualification. Up to 25 applicants will be selected after interview and examination of their academic record. Non-native speakers of French should provide proof of level B2 in French on the European scale.

What next?

A vast range of professional opportunities are available to graduates, including mental health clinics, hospitals or the social services. The clinical specialisation means that graduates may work in any structure where patients are being treated for medical conditions affecting their psychological health, from children to the elderly.



Programme director:

Professor Dominique Reniers
Send a mail
03 20 13 40 57

Research supervisors: 

Professor Dominique Reniers (post-modern pathologies)
Dr Carole Pinel (psychology of adolescence)
Dr Julio Guillen (psychoanalysis, eating disorders and addictions)


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