The Medialab: The University’s radio and web TV

The Medialab assists students and teachers alike with their radio and video projects at the Catholic University of Lille. Imagined by professors from Human Sciences & Humanities Faculty (FLSH), and professionals from the Histoire-Journalisme Master’s Degree, the Medialab was created as part of the “Horizon 2020” initiative back in 2013.

It’s an essential technological, educational and research tool for all study fields, be it media, communication, journalism, or even languages.

Today, the Medialab is the main tool for all radio and video projects for the university!


Etudiant Medialab-Radio

"Le MédiaLab m’a apporté une véritable aisance devant un micro comme derrière une caméra.

Cela m’a permis de m’adapter rapidement en stage. "


Adrien Quilico

promotion 2017

mediaLab témoignage florian

“Le MédiaLab m’a apporté une véritable aisance devant un micro comme derrière une caméra.

Cela m’a permis de m’adapter rapidement en stage.”

Florian Lambert
promotion 2017

Radio UCLille

The University and the Medialab feature its own digital radio: Radio UCLille. Implemented at the heart of the University, it has been for 5 years rich in educational experiences and cultural expression. Radio UCLille is available on, also on Android and iOS. It broadcasts information programs, campus news, educational content, student programs, as well as cultural and musical events.

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The video hub

Thanks to its TV set, the video hub of the Medialab creates videos, programs, clips, interviews, all uploaded on the Medialab’s YouTube channel, as well as its Facebook page, and on our TV screens within the University. Numerous broadcasts are created by the Medialab, but a lot are also made by other schools, faculties, associations, or companies. It comprises 14 kits to allow students to direct content by themselves during their formation.

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Media formations

The Medialab offers several formations (not leading to a diploma) aimed at those in communication, or anyone wishing to increase their skill in domain of medias. These formations’ goal is to initiate students to the creation of video montages, to teach students the use of a camera, or help them with the creation of a report from start to finish.

These formations, in small groups, are given over several days. They offer an experience blending theory and field practice, through participating in concrete projects. They allow students to develop their skills, in order to add positive value to company work.

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