Media, Texts, Images (Axis 1)

Director: Tiphaine Zetlaoui

Researchers :

Researchers in this area are interested in the economic, socio-symbolic, cultural and ethical issues underlying the uses, representations, regulation and modes of operation of media devices and systems. The aim is to understand how texts, images and data are produced, disseminated, received and interpreted, taking a diachronic, synchronic and critical look at the role and place played by technologies and their constant evolution. The multi-disciplinary team, made up of lecturers specializing in Languages, Literature, Civilization, History, Arts, Communication and Political Science, is particularly attentive to the transformations that societies are undergoing, from lifestyles to professional and leisure practices. Its members are committed to putting into perspective the logics of power, innovation and influence at local, national and international levels, by grasping the expectations, drifts and uncertainties weighing on digital networks, whose development is characterized by a (hyper)massive phenomenon of disparate accumulation of infrastructures, services and data of all kinds.

Multidisciplinary, inter-faculty and inter-university collective projects :

Popular cultures 

  • Study day on detective novels in their brief forms, October 7, 2022, partnership FLSH/universities of Liverpool and Angers
  • Establishment of the Popular Culture section of Culture Com, the online university communication magazine attached to the FLSH. The aim is to explore the intellectual originality, depth and breadth of popular issues, transcending academic and disciplinary boundaries.

Production of documentaries 

  • On filmmaker Chris Marker by Laura Farrenq/Érika Thomas with the support of the Cinémathèque Française.

Filmed trials in partnership with FD and FLSH 

  • Cycle of 5 multidisciplinary lecture-debates on “The place of images in historical trials” for the general public (starting December 1, 2022). 
  • International colloquium “Les procès du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda” partnership C3RD-FLSH (Sylvie Humbert-Marie-Ève Saint-Georges), with support from Archives nationales, Fondation de l’Université catholique de Lille, AFHJ, LiRCO (Centre d’archives, de documentation et d’expertise de Limoges), Centre d’archives IRIBA (Rwanda), March 8, 2022. 
  • A series of exhibitions
  • Temporary: “Les procès filmés, un enjeu social”.
  • Itinerant: “Filmer trial, a social issue. De Nuremberg au génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda”.

Creation of an online serious game in partnership with FLSH and Gustave Eiffel University.

This game has been designed as a fun educational activity, combining a knowledge quiz and an initiation course. It aims to simulate a professional trajectory that, punctuated by decision-making, sends the player back to a series of ethical dilemmas. The scientific démarche is based on the identification of the contributions and limits that the élaboration, implementation and use of such a tool can induce and imply, by questioning its share of pedagogical innovation in terms of learning by acquiring skills.

Partnerships: DICEN-IDF laboratory and educational engineers from CIPEN at Gustave Eiffel University; MUSE-FLSH laboratory and educational engineers from SUN and Medialab at the Institut Catholique de Lille.

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