Research team

Under the direction of Halima Mecheri-Mordi, Dean of the Faculty and his decanal team, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Université catholique de Lille researchers are working on multiple areas of expertise: History, Modern Letters, Languages, Foreign Literatures, Foreign Civilizations, Culture, Media, Cinema, Marketing, Psychology, International Relations, Political Science, and Philosophy.

Research team

  • Xavier AUREGAN Doctor in Geography-geopolitics, Head of education for the Prépa Sciences politiques, Head of the Geopolitics course of the Master in International Relations and contemporary History
  • Martin BALOGE – Doctor in Political Science
  • Olivia BEAUPREZ – Doctor of Psychology
  • Isabelle BLAIRY-SAVARD – Study engineer in Quality of Life at Work / Innovation
  • Suzanne BRAY Professor British Literature and Civilization, Head of the Master in English and American studies
  • Henry CLETY –Doctor in occupational psychology, responsible for the DU Occupational Health
  • Barthélémy COURMONT – Doctor in Geopolitics, Head of the Security and Defense course of the Masters in international Relations and contemporary History
  • Béatrice DEGRAEVE – Doctor in Neuropsychology
  • Catherine DEMAREY – Doctor in Social and Work Psychology, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Student Life at the Catholic University of Lille
  • Jean-Charles DESQUIENS –Doctor in Medieval History
  • Philippe DIEST – Doctor of History, Responsible for the History Bachelor degree, Co-responsible for the Master in Digital heritage studies
  • Sarah DUMORTIER – Doctor of History
  • Michel FEUGAIN – Doctor in Spanish Civilization, Head of the Modern languages and international business ​​Bachelor degree
  • Delphine FLEURION – Doctor of Psychology
  • Julio GUILLEN – Doctor of Psychology
  • Natalia GUILLUY-SULIKASHVILI – Doctor of Slavic Civilization – Vice-Dean (Languages ​​and International Affairs Department), Head of the Master degree of International Marketing, Negotiation, Communication, Tourism
  • Loïc LAROCHE – Doctor of American Studies, Head of the Master in Journalism and and contemporary History
  • Lydie LENNE – Doctor of Information and Communication Sciences
  • Bruno LENNE – Doctor in Neuropsychology
  • Stéphanie LEROUX – Doctor of Geography
  • Zineb MAJDOULI – Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences, Head of the Performance Arts, Film Studies and Contemporary Music Master degree and Co-responsible for the Master in Digital Heritage studies
  • Sean MARK Doctor in American studies
  • Halima MECHERI – Doctor of Psychology, Dean of the Faculty
  • Fernando MONROY, Doctor EHESS in History and Civilizations
  • Eric MOTTET – Docteur in Geopolitics
  • Carole PINEL – Doctor of Psychology, Co-head of the Psychology Bachelor degree
  • Anthony PIERMATTEO – Doctor of Occupational Psychology, Responsible for the Master in Occupational Psychology
  • Jean-Paul PINTE – Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences (Specialty: Scientific and technical information)
  • Dominique RENIERS – Professor in Clinical and Pathological Psychology – Vice-Dean (Psychology Department), Educational Manager for the Psychology Bachelor degree and the  Clinical Psychology Master degree.
  • Florentina RODRIGO PAREDES – European Doctor in Contemporary Spanish Civilization
  • Vincent ROGER – Doctor of English Literature and civilization – Vice-Dean (Academic Life), Head of the Master in Education, Teaching and Training
  • Jérôme ROUDIER –Doctor of Philosophy, Head of Celsa Preparation Class
  • Marie-Eve SAINT GEORGES – Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences
  • Zineb SERGHINI – Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences, Responsible for the Media, Culture and Communication Bachelor degree, the  Strategic Communication Master degree and the Digital Communication Master degree.
  • Sandrine SCHOENENBERGER – Doctor in occupational psychology, co-responsible teacher for the Psychology Bachelor degree.
  • Lucas THENARD – Doctor of Geography – Vice-Dean (Letters, Culture and Communication Department)
  • Erika THOMAS – Professor in Cinema, Media and Anthropology, author and documentary filmmaker, Head of the Master in Cultural Management
  • Daniel VERHEYDE – Doctor of English Literature, Head of the English and American studies Bachelor degree
  • Hélène VAN COMPERNOL – Doctor in Occupational Psychology
  • Aliocha WALD-LASOWSKI – Professor of Philosophy, Head of the French studies Bachelor degree and of the Master in Digital Writing and Publishing
  • Antoine ZAKKA – Doctor in Political Sciences
  • Tiphaine ZETLAOUI – Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences
  • Laurent Zikos – Doctor assistant in neuropsychology


Teacher-researchers and doctoral students


research papers published in 2018-2019


conferences organised in 2018-2019

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