Interview of Andrew Grella and Angus Paradice, American students at the Arts and Humanities Faculty

  • Could you introduce yourself briefly?

 Andrew : My name is Andrew Grella, I’m from New York and I study French in college.

Angus : I am Angus Paradice, I studied at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities for one semester in the fall of the 2018-19. I currently study at a university an hour north of New York City in the United States of America. I am in my third year at this university.

  • Why did you choose to study at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ? 

Andrew : I chose to study in Lille because my school has a good relationship with them and accept all the credits that I took.

 Angus : I had three choices in France to choose from when I made the decision to study in France. One was in Lyon, one was close to Brittany and of course Lille. I put my first preference as Lille because the school in Lyon had host families and the one close to Brittany was a military academy. I was looking for an experience that would allow me to speak the most French but also an environment where I could feel relaxed and comfortable to speak the language.

  • What could you say about your semester here?

 Andrew : My semester in Lille was the best semester yet, I really enjoyed the courses I took and the way school is structured in France compared to how we do it in the US.

Angus : I loved my semester in Lille. I was able to get the chance to speak a lot French and interact with many people from different countries and of course France. The students were extremely nice and helped me get through my classes which were all taught in French. They also genuinely cared about trying to help me learn the French language. I improved greatly in my ability to have the confidence to speak the language. I can’t express how much I enjoyed myself.

  • What were the main differences with your uni in the USA?

 Andrew : The main difference between our two schools are the punctuality. Everything in the US needs to be on time with no exceptions where as in France I found for me (maybe because I was foreigner) at least that there was always a way around a due date.

Angus : My school in the United States is a military academy so obviously there are many differences in that respect with a normal civilian school. But outside that I would say generally the classes at Lille were long (2-3) hours which is not as common here in the USA, most classes are only 55 minutes to 75 minutes long.

  • Why did you like (or not) studying in our Faculty? 

Andrew : I really enjoyed my time in Lille because of the great friends that I made. They accepted me into their group and invited me out with them regularly so that I was able to practice my French and learn about their culture.

 Angus : I really liked the student body, liked I said, they were all really nice to the exchange students. The teachers as well also helped us out a lot which was nice. The city of Lille itself was also very nice and had a very a young feel to it.

  • What kind of lessons were you taking at our Faculty?

Andrew : At the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences I was taking classes such as geography in the Maghreb, human geography, crusades, translation. I feel like these classes all were a great contributor to my education and French level.

 Angus : I took classes in history, translation, tourism, geography and the French language.

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