Emilie graduated with a baccalauréat (diploma) in 2015, then she chose Foreign Languages applied to economics with Chinese as an option at the Faculty of Art & Humanities in order to work in the international area in the future. During her studies, she discovered that she liked politics and international organizations, which she wasn’t aware of before. Thus, she decided to do a semester abroad.

She went on a gap year in the United States where she became friends with Asians, she discovered their culture and she loved it. However, she knew this continent only from narrations so she decided to study in South Korea. The Korean language, different from the Chinese that she learns, intrigued her with its alphabet. The country seems perfect to learn more about intergovernmental exchanges but also to get to know intercultural business with a different view than the one in Europe.

She applied with a cover letter, a recommendation letter and she passed the English test before being accepted : she is going to study at Inha University, located in Incheon for a semester from August, 28th 2018 to January, 3rd 2019.

Doing all the administrative tasks seems a bit scary in the first place, but Emilie got some good news! She has been allowed to get a scholarship given from the Korean government : « the GKS Scholarship Program ». In order to get the money, she needs to study one subject about South Korea, she opted for a Korean language basics lesson and a second one called « Korean politics and society ». Once she is there, Emilie will need to go once a month to the international office to sign the attendance sheet. In addition, at the end of her semester, she will need to write an essay about her experience in the country.

Emilie got about 1628,30€ from the scholarship covering the accommodation fees and the insurance in the country, as well as the money for her plane ticket.

She told us about one moment she really liked when she arrived in South Korea. She wanted to meet with her old flatmate from the States who was Korean in a metro station. It took them one hour to meet up since the station was huge, it was one of the first important differences she noticed compared to France. However, it has been one of Emilie’s favorite moments : the joy of being with her friend again at the other end of the world.

This experience has been a real chance for Emilie, the lessons that she took there helped her for her future, she keeps great memories of the welcoming people there and the culture of the country.

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