Amélie Ebert, History – International Relations student is currently doing an exchange at Taiwan !


Amélie Ebert,  History – International Relations student at Faculty of Arts & Humanities (FLSH) in Lille, is currently doing an exchange at the National Taiwan University. She  is studying there for one semester from February to June 2019. She chose this university for its reputation, but also thanks to the advice she heard from her teachers, professionals and fellow students.

She opted for 4 different lessons: Chinese language (6 hours a week), one lesson about public administration, one concerning population and social geography and finally another one about Taiwan’s culture and civilization.

To her, the way of learning is really different from France: students don’t take notes during the lesson, they can have the teacher’s power point presentation at the end  of the lesson. Thus, being there means listening and asking questions, which makes the lesson more interactive than in France. However, she thinks the relationship between students and professors is quite similar in both countries.

Concerning the culture, of course it is the main difference for Amélie : it is the first time she  has travelled to Asia, it is really stunning. The main difference concerns the food culture, the customs, but also the language barrier. Indeed, only a small percentage of Taiwanese speak English fluently.

This experience has been wonderful for Amelie/she has learned many things. She went there alone so she had to integrate into her new life and to adapt to the Asian culture. It is really interesting for her  from an intellectual point of view : she  is learning how to work in a different way and she can practice English on a regular basis, but also from the social point of view since she is discovering new things every day. It is also really easy and cheap to travel around Asia, so she is taking this opportunity to organise road trips to visit other countries.


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