Welcome to the new student union committee: “Neptune”

It is high time to introduce you to the new student union committee, called « Neptune », that you have elected for the year 2019/2020!

Just by hearing the name « Neptune », you can notice the change from the previous students union committees: no, it’s not the name of an animal anymore. After the year with the Wildbears, in September be ready to conquer the world! As we can see from the name, this student union committee really wants to change and to create renewal thanks to its members who are particularly interested in mythology. A mix between Neptune the planet and Neptune the god of the sea and you get 25 members full of energy to create new things at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities (FLSH) !

So to make your dreams come true, everything is well organized : every member is a specialist in his own area. So, in order to coordinate everybody, we have the president of the student union: Martin Vandaele, assisted by Hector Guinfolleau (vice-president) and two girl officials: Clara Rodier (secretary) and Anne-Lise Dangin (treasurer).

To entertain you all year long, you can count on the events team directed by the president. To help him, you can find Thomas River, Louis Cruchet, Joseph Avry, Agathe Bernard Vigneau, Marie-Lys Guérin and Thomas Bigotte, who know all the secrets of organising unforgettable events but will also tell you about those that are organised by the city of Lille.

Of course, no one should forget that FLSH is also a faculty that welcomes international students who will never get lost thanks to the international team. Count on Pénelope Gittos (in charge of the international group), Aurélie Roy and Sixtine Delannay to create a real solidarity between internationals, French and Ch’tis!

Besides, there will always be a cultural group with a big new thing coming up this year : a musical section! It will allow you to share your favorite playlist, to organise musical events… All of this will be possible thanks to Julien Guimiot (culture group leader), Clément Bauer, Valentine Massault, Maxime Fournier, Oscar Drn and Matilda Chauvin!

Last but not least, they have all decided to continue to support a charity that they have been helping for one year « la maison de l’Himalaya ». This charity helps the population in Nepal and India, mainly by building new schools and by promoting school enrolment.  You will be able to donate by taking part into afterwork events organised with the aim of collecting money and where you can meet and speak with Clara Rodier (in charge of the charity group) or Inès Clowez.

All of this would not be possible without a great work of communication, which will be done by Anne-Lise Dangin (communication group leader), with Tom Lefèvre, Clémence Froissant-Nadiras, Karine Badran, Mathilde Auboyneau and Bérénice Maux.

Are you wondering where you can meet them ? Then come on May 16th to the Barber Bar for the handover from the current Wildbears committee to the Neptune team.

To know more, stay tuned and don’t forget to follow the Facebook page BDE FLSH Lille and the Instagram account @bde_flsh.

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