English and American Studies

3-year Bachelor’s Degree in English and American Studies

English and American Studies

Programme director: Professor Suzanne Bray, suzanne.bray@univ-catholille.fr

Staff: Professor Suzanne Bray (English literature and civilisation), Dr Gérald Préher (American literature and civilisation), Dr Vincent Roger (English literature), Dr Daniel Verheyde (translation studies)


Academic Calendar: Fall semester from early September to Christmas, spring semester from early January to mid-May. 500 teaching hours per year.


Languages of instruction: English (70%) and French


This course enables students to specialise in the English language and the culture of the countries of the English-speaking world. Students work in an international and intercultural context in order to increase their knowledge of the language, literature, history, politics, art and cinema etc. of several English-speaking countries (Great Britain, the United States, Ireland, Canada etc.) They also choose options which will prepare them for the world of work (eg. Business English, Didactics of English, Interpretation etc.) Students must also take classes in a second modern language and may study a third one if they wish.


Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a high school graduation diploma, British A’Levels or an equivalent diploma. Non-native speakers of English must prove they have attained the level B2 on the European scale (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English etc.) Although no diploma in French is required, students are advised that a level of at least B1 on the European scale is highly recommended.


What will I study ?

English language, English and American art, literature and cinema, the history and politics of the English-speaking world, linguistics, translation, public speaking, intercultural communication. There is also a wide selection of options including Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Business English, didactics of English, teaching French as a foreign language etc.


What Next ?

Some graduates from this degree course go into teaching either in France or abroad. Others go on to do post-graduate degrees in International Business, Journalism, Tourism, International Relations or Translation.


Study Abroad

It is possible to spend one or two of the six semesters in one of our partner universities in an English-speaking country (about 30 possible destinations).


Internships and work experience

Students may, but are not obliged to, do internships in the areas of teaching, tourism, international business or translation.


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